I read someone’s tweet last night,
It was something like this:
“That you sleep next to someone for years and then one day you can’t anymore?”
The author said, he can never understand how that works and honestly even I can’t.

Everyday, I look at people falling in and out of love.
Falling in, it’s a wonderful part but
when they fall out, it breaks my heart every now and then.

Everyday, I look at them and believe in love lesser and less.

Last night, you asked me the same,
I didn’t have any answer for you;
because  I thought there won’t be possibility of one.

If you have to know,
know this.
Everytime, I look at you;
you are little less strange than ever.

And if I could find million reason to love you when I wasn’t looking for one;
guess how much could I find, if I want you to stay.

– Abirami Pillai



There exists a world where
magic happens,
hope triumphs,
heroes win and
love subsists.
And this world is made up of words.

– Abirami Pillai

A Place Inside you

If there is place inside you,
where there exist no chaos,
no assumptions, no expectations
Just little bit dreams,
lot of laughter,
serene silence every now and then.

If there is place like that inside you;
keep me there because I wouldn’t be safe anywhere else.

-Abirami Pillai

Image sources :- Deviantart





I sometimes wonder
who is greatest teacher,
‘Life’ or ‘Death’?
And then I realize,
neither of them because
what matters most is
‘Are you willing to learn?’

-Abirami Pillai



You can chase your whole life behind reasons,
person or hell with whatever you want.
And you will try to hold on to things forever but
it is still gonna pass like sand from your hand,
like it always does.

At the end, you will come to accept that,
Life is nothing like poetry.
There is nothing poetic about missing someone.
You can’t find art when you are alone.
It hurts every damn to even breathe but even on those moments,
if you can hold on to hope;
maybe you win right there.
– Abirami Pillai

What are you ?

Tell me, what you are ?
And I will leave you in a sigh.

I hope you aren’t love.
Because love,
On some days you are my salvation
And on other days you are nothing more than nemesis.
– Abirami Pillai


We thrive on sadness,
and mastered the art of pretending to be okay.
Somehow, someday we will be more then fine;
until then see us smiling and thriving.

– Abirami Pillai