Stranger !!!!

when you live in big city,its always busy, everything here is  busy; Busy people,  Busy train sometimes even network are busy. You can’t get into train at rush hour its kind of impossible. The cars never stop and sometimes sorry most of the times i hated it I hated the city I hated the people, their attitude and lost hope in my Mumbai. As of today I was crossing the road  I accidentally  stepped onto a old lady’s foot  my bad and I am not proud of it. She was old kind of christian. She made angry face on me and shouted on me and I was telling her sorry like thousand times. Sorry It wasn’t thousand times its a Hyperbole !!!!!. Ya then  strange thing  happened her face  transitioned from angry to million dollar smile. Man that smile made my day I don’t know who she is where she is all i wish for her is happiness. If there was another lady she would have shouted not even bothered to hear my sorry. Thank god she wasn’t  one of them. She made me realized that world this pretty crazy busy MUMBAI place isn’t that bad at all.


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