From where it began……

It all started when I was a kid who was studying in First grade or second grade, I don’t quite remember what year it was but  I remember what I was doing on most of those nights.I still could remember as if it was yesterday; I used to sit with my Dad on the front porch while Mom and other members of family would be finishing up night chores.Me and Dad would  sit on front porch and look at the sky.He would be zoned out by thinking something as for me I would be just happy by looking at star and by dreaming.I  still remember the first time I ever saw airplanes in the sky and asked my dad about it.A few years later I started crafting my own dreams or ambitions.You guys must be thinking why I am starting to say about childhood dreams? Whats the connection?

From where it began

The thing is the time to achieve all dreams we all built during our childhood is now. That time when you wanted to be a singer is now.The time you wanted to explore the world is now. You can’t post pond all your dreams like you did in childhood because I always did them.I used to say to myself that one day I will do this and that and blah! blah! blah! but lately I realized that I can’t go on whole life postponing the dreams, whatever I have to do,the time is now. So whoever is reading this “Don’t dwell on your dreams”. Start running towards it,Chase it.Even if you don’t get it you won’t regret someday for not trying out to reach your dreams.TUNE IN. FREAK OUT. GET BEATEN.


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