People & Me

“We all hate some habits of every person we meet in life;don’t we?” I do at least, I did till last year however last week it got me thinking that if I ask people to change their habit for me aren’t I am changing who they really are? I do hate people’s weird habit like some people especially my elder sister who always reply ‘hmmmmm’; I can’t stand ‘ hmmmm’ and one word replies. My younger sister’s  tantrum, Mom’s anger, Dad’s weird habit of watching National geography and animal planet channel, Brother’s constant teasing about me,friends who call me with weird names, etc. and the list goes on and on. I think that’s best part of people, those weird habits make them who they really are  and so I have decided that I am gonna accept people’s stupid  and weird habit because that’s the  point of being with someone or anyone, to accept as they are.


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