Last night while returning home;
I saw a girl crying over the staircase.
I pretended to overlook her even though,
I could see her as clear as crystal.

She was mourning over the phone, I guess.
I think she lost something or someone.

This morning while commuting to work;
I stumbled upon a beggar; he asked for alms.
He was pale and starving.
His throat was parched for clean water.

I overlooked him too;
not because I  wanted to,
but I hardly had any money on me.

As a child I used to notice everything
but as a grown up adult , now I don’t notice things.
I always overlook them, intentionally.

What good is to notice things but never able to fix them?
– Abirami Pillai

Image by Mattdixon.co.uk



On a stranding winter cold night,
You stand below thousand of stars,
And beside you is little fire to keep you enough war.

Coldplay’s Sky full of stars is playing in background.
You don’t think about past anymore;
You don’t think about future too.

You just stand there and somehow you just know,
this is what you’ve been looking your whole life.
‘Tiny Infinite Moments’.

And that day, you don’t write poetry or scribble anything.
You, yourself become one.

-Abirami Pillai

The Clarinet Man

The Clarinet man sings to me.
It goes something like this,

“Don’t try to hold things, that will leave.
Be in the moment and it will it all flow through you.”

The Clarinet man sings to me,
I sing back to him.
“I’ll try.”

– Abirami Pillai

P.S. The Clarinet Man is new statue piece that lies on my table.