On nights like these,
when you question everything you held on to.
I hope these words I write, finds you.
It finds you and embraces all of you and yourself.
That it’s okay to believe in something that might or might not exist.
But it is very important that you still ‘BELIEVE’

– Abirami Pillai




The day I graduated!

Being a nerd,bookworm, geek I loved going to school, and getting education. I was always curious and enthusiastic to learn new things.May be that’s why  I took Science in my Junior year college because I wanted to learn about things. After my Junior college, I took Computer Science as my major in Bachelor’s. I like the way compute works, I still consider it as some sort of magic even though I understand the logic behind how it actually works. The thing about learning is I never really got tired of it and maybe that’s why I was so keen on my studies and being graduate. So I was 200% sure of completing my degree and never took a worry of any bit. But Life play its own card, right?

The day – sorry it was declared at night was one of the night I wont forget ever in my life. I saw my results and it showed as Unsuccessful and I was shocked because in my whole life I didn’t what was I supposed to feel or do if I ever failed in exam.Should I cry? How to say to my parents? What will happen now, will it be end of the my world? Even though my friend didn’t believed I failed in my exams; he was supportive but I hated him for a moment there u know; my exams went far better than him.I said to my parents and I started sobbing till I could fell asleep. You known when your only dreams shatter to pieces, a piece of you dies little  at that moment. Somehow when I woke up that morning I asked to my self can’t I be sleeping like and deny this reality. For days I  kept crying. I kept crying at night, at trains, at my office, during lunch even in my dreams.I kept crying until all my tears were none. I was coping up with reality and doing all the further process like submitted for revaluation and re-exam yet I kept thinking why this kind of reality  existed. I kept checking for results but there were no luck.I lost all my hope and and started preparing my for exams.

After few months my results for revaluation were declared and this time I didn’t  even bothered to check it. I told my brother too check it and after 20 minutes I get a call from him saying “You passed” and I replied back “really.” At that moment something was perfect and somehow my heart was happy . I graduated and I don’t know how to put that feeling in exact words but I can  say it was moment of Euphoria for me.So here I am a proud graduate of Computer Science.

The day I graduated!

Funny thing about life is it throws anything at us and we have to play it really well. It could give you life time of happiness in single second or even worse life long of sadness too.Its all up to us how we take it in and live it.