If only they knew

If only they knew dreams are harder to carry than regrets.
If only they knew fatherhood is as hard as motherhood.
If only they knew how hard it takes  for non-believer to believe in God
And those who believe, hardly pray anymore.
If only they knew that the loudest screams are somehow unheard too.
If only they knew the one who stands out tries so hard to fit in.
If only they knew that humans are capable of destroying anything, anytime
but still can’t save what we love.
If only they knew how ugly death can be.
If only they knew life is ephemeral and it isn’t definitely perpetual.
If only they knew this, if only

“The world would have been better than what it is today.”
– Abirami Pillai



On nights like these,
when you question everything you held on to.
I hope these words I write, finds you.
It finds you and embraces all of you and yourself.
That it’s okay to believe in something that might or might not exist.
But it is very important that you still ‘BELIEVE’

– Abirami Pillai


Science & Life

I have always loved science since my childhood days. Science has always fascinated me so I studied them with deep curiosity.There are various laws about energy, action, motion, atoms, etc. I have learned about them in science lectures; out of them there are laws which always get me also known as Newton’s third law of motion : “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”and law of conservation of energy which states that : “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.” I don’t know why I always find these two laws amusing and how much truth they hold not only in physics but in other matters of life. I find this two laws widely applicable in life at least in my life.

 Life changes every second, One day I will be Happy but there may be possibility of me  being sad next day. I may have lot of friends in past but eventually I may lose them or get apart but that doesn’t mean I may not have new friends.Just like what Matthew Mcconaughey said in Interstellar  “You have to leave something behind to go forward.” What may be yours tonight maybe somebody else tomorrow. Funny thing, Newton is really genius, he gave  us whole understanding of our lives in two lines what we keeps us searching in our  whole lives. So remember this whoever is reading this  today maybe bad but I am sure that tomorrow will be good, different and Happy until then laugh at the odds and be happy at least try to be.